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How does this work? How can I have Internet without the Internet!?

Instead of connecting to Verizon, cable, or some other Internet provider, your computer connects to YeshivaNet. Your computer thinks it's connecting to the Internet, but it's really connecting to our local, internal network, which makes believe it's the Internet for just the services you request.

Is this the same as other services that filter the Internet?

Not at all. Other services provide the entire Internet and then try to filter out the bad parts. We're not convinced it's possible to filter out the bad parts. We simply don't offer the Internet altogether.

Isn't just having a computer dangerous?

Once your computer has a modem, anyone can put an AOL cd in the computer and connect to the Internet in minutes. We can't stop you (or anyone in your home) from doing that, and we believe that parental - and self - vigilance is always in order. What we can do is offer an alternative for those who are facing the encroachment of the Internet.

And what do the Gedolim say about this?

Every Rov that we've spoken to has given us their brochah along with tremendous encouragement. Many very prominent Rabbonim use YeshivaNet service. Rabbonim are very happy to finally have an alternative to the Internet to offer their kehillos.

How fast is YeshivaNet?

That depends on how you connect to us. We offer DSL, YeshivaNet Mobile 4G, and dialup service. Our DSL is available in different industry-standard speeds.

How good is YeshivaNet Mobile coverage?

We use the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. Our 4G YeshivaNet Mobile service has excellent coverage and reception almost everywhere in the USA, including the Catskills also.

How much does YeshivaNet cost?

Anywhere from 14.95 per month to 124.95 per month, depending on how you connect to us and what services you register for.

What will my email address be?

You can choose between or Additionally, you can create your own .com address for your organization for a $25.00 annual registration fee.

Will I get viruses or junk email?

All email coming into YeshivaNet is virus free. Any infected emails are automatically deleted. For junk email, we provide excellent spam filtering.

How do you bill?

We charge your credit card or bank account electronically every month.

Which websites do you offer or suggest?

We don't offer or suggest any websites. You tell us which sites you need. Typically, customers select sites like their bank, credit cards, Torah sites, shopping sites, and e-Chinuch. If you don't know which websites you need, we strongly suggest you avoid this part of our service altogether, and just stick to email.

Do you allow all sites?

Certainly not.

What sites do you allow? What sites do you block?

In general, we provide access to business-oriented sites, Torah sites, informational sites, and shopping sites. We generally don't provide access to web portals, search engines, entertainment and games sites, children's sites, social sites, and blogs. These are our guidelines, and we find that there are exceptions in both directions.

Who decides whether to allow any particular site?

We do.

Can I add sites? How often? Is there a limit to the number of sites I can request?

You can certainly add sites. We have no policy for how often or how many, and we'd like to keep it this way. The idea here is not to provide the Internet. It's to provide access to sites you need. If someone has a need for 1000 websites and needs to add 20 new ones each day, then YeshivaNet may not be the service for him or her. We have customers who access hundreds of websites.

How do I request to add a new site?

The easiest way is to visit the site you wish to add, get our 'Blocked by YeshivaNet' page, and click where it says 'Click here to request this page.' That will automatically generate an email request. Just click 'send' and we'll get it. There are other ways as well.

How long does it take to activate an added site?

Usually less than a few hours.

But what if I need it right now?

In case of emergency, call our office and we'll usually add it right away.

Is this appropriate for my young children or teens?

Not usually. We believe that, if at all possible, children or teenagers should not be on the Internet.

What if I have a problem?

Email us at, or call our office at 718-YESHIVA (718-937-4482).

How good is your technical support?

Our customers regularly praise our warm, patient technical support. We are available most of the day every day, and when we're not, we usually return phone calls within two hours.

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